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“They say life begins at 40, but when I was diagnosed with cancer I said, ‘This is not the beginning of life for me. This is the end.”

Josefina DelaCruz
Cervical Cancer Survivor,
Teacher & Entrepreneur

Annie Datahan
Cervical Cancer Survivor,
Business Woman

Josefina Dela Cruz and Annie Datahan are career-oriented women who were diagnosed with cervical cancer at important points in their careers. Mrs Dela Cruz was at the peak of her career working as a professor and an entrepreneur, while Mrs Datahan was busy managing her ship supply and marine services business. Like all cancer patients, they had to take some time off their work to receive treatment. Fortunately their treatments were successful and both have been cancer-free for a few years now, but they will never forget the hardships they experienced as they battled the disease. They urge women to get screened and vaccinated for cervical cancer before the disease has a chance to interrupt their lives.