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“To be told that you will
no longer conceive babies
...it’s very painful."

Fritzie DeGuzman
Cervical Cancer Survivor

Consorcia Prieto
Cervical Cancer Survivor

Jocelyn Landrito
Cervical Cancer Survivor

Cervical cancer can greatly change the life of a woman, as well as her role in her family. For Consorcia Prieto, mother to four, being diagnosed with cervical cancer meant that she could no longer help around the house as much she used to, and had to rely more on her children. For Jocelyn Landrito it meant returning home from a new job in Kuwait to receive treatment and to spend more time with her family. For Fritzie De Guzman and her husband Noel, it meant letting go of their wish to have children. They urge other women to get vaccinated and screened for cervical cancer to protect themselves and their families from the difficulties of the disease.